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How the jewels are made??

All A’ Putia jewels are handmade in our workshop in Milano
All elements are handcrafted with passion and love. All the jewels are silver 925 gold plated
You’ll purchase an unique jewel and you’ll get the real MADE IN ITALY!

Is possible to personalize the jewels??

Yes, you can do it! Go to “Build your own” page and start to create your jewel!

How can I pay??

There are different ways to pay:

-Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express e JCB; Visa Electron.

-PayPal: using paypal you can pay easily from your house

If you want to register a new account visit

-Bank transfer

What is the shipping cost ??

The shipping cost change according to the destination.

If you live in Europe you’ll pay 15 €

If you live in the USA you’ll pay 26 €

For other countries the cost is 50 €


How many days will the delivery take??

The jewels will be ready to ship in 3 working days.

The delivery time change according to the shipping place.

For Europe it will take 3 days.

For USA and other countries not more than 6 days.

My purchases on the website are safe??

Yes.  If you buy our jewels all your purchases are safe! You  can buy using your credit card or paypal. You can also pay with a Bank Transfer . In order to protect all your transactions on the website, we will ask you the ccv code that you find in your card.

How many days after the payment the jewel will be shipped ??

The jewels will be ready to ship in 7 working days. If you order personalized jewels you should wait 15 days in order to give us the time to create your  jewel.

How to use the promotional code ??

If you received a promotional code you can use it in the checkout process. Any code has a start day and an expire date validity ; so could not use it out of the expire date.

Where my purchase is ??

You can check the shipping process any time you need. Just follow the instructions received in the email che sent after your order. Just go to the courier website and put your order code.

May I choose the delivery time??

Unfortunately you cannot choose the delivery schedule

I haven't received my purchase yet?

If you didn’t received your purchase in the right time, please check your order in your personal page or contact us at

We will be happy to help you!

How do I return a purchase ??

You can decide to return any jewel purchased at within 10 days from delivery date.

That’s how:

  1. fill out the return form you found in the package
  2. be sure that the jewels are in the same condition you received them
  3. contact us and we will advice the courier t collect the package

If you decided to use a different courier, shipping will be charged to you

Your package will be insured in case of loss..
You can deliver the jewels only from the country in which you placed your order.
If  your return does not meet the conditions listed, the package will be sent back to you  and you will not receive any refund

Which are the return rules ??

The jewel’s security  thread must be not broken or damaged

Any jewel must be returned as received ( packaging, labels… )

Returns must be shipped in the original box

A’ Putia Gioielli reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns, shipped with different courier with the one indicated in the mail received after the order

Can I get a refund of my purchase??


The refunds will be processed as soon as we will receive your purchaseIf you paid with credit card you will receive the refund in 10 days and the amount will be visible on the next card statement. Timing may vary slightly depending on the banking system or credit card used. For orders paid by Paypal or bank transfer, the amount will be returned to the original account. Refunds will be issued in the same currency of original purchase. Any amount of differences due to exchange -rate fluctuations can not be refunded

I filled out the return form but I changed my mind and I decided to keep my purchase. What should I do ??

You have not to do anything. We are glad you changed your mind!