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Build your own

What is happiness?

For us, of A ‘Putia Jewels, happiness is made of small things, big smiles, huge hugs, a sunset, the sea, the wag of our four-legged friend, and why not, a jewel.

A jewel that tells a story, which looks to the traditions, but with an eye open to the future; a jewel that has a story to tell: ours!

So we give you the opportunity to customize many jewels of our collection. In some you can insert your own images, the pictures of the heart, the drawings of your children, or an excerpt of the letter of love that made you cry with joy. In others you can mix all the letters of the alphabet to create your name or that of someone you love. In still others will be able to affect the uniqueness of a moment with shapes or words.

How to do?

Just proceed with the purchase of the jewel you want to customize, fill out the form personalize your jewel that you can find on this page. Write the text you want to affect, or send the file with your image of the heart and wait to receive the only jewel that will make you distinguish between a million.

In our gallery you can see some of the jewels that we have been commissioned; earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that speak of the one who ordered it.

What are you waiting for? Even your story deserves to be told!

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